Quality at the Strijps Kamerkoor

The choir focusses on maintaining and improving quality, to keep singing at the choir pleasurable and challenging experience.

Apart from the weekly rehearsals there are monthly group sessions in which the vocal groups work on the group cohesion. Many individual singers have individual voice coaching. Once a year we evaluate with every singer how things go within the choir.

On top of that, there are many social group activities, with the goal to challenge and increase pleasure and social connections: study weekends, workshops, masterclasses and vocal coaching of the entire choir. We focus on the voice, the sound, posture, movement and expression. The strong social connections between members and the pleasant environment contribute a lot to the music quality of the choir!

More information on the activities can be found in the links to the workshops / Study weekend and the pictures of the recent choir competition CantaRode 2019 and some other travelling (currently in Dutch)

concert vessem 2019
Strijps Kamerkoor in concert, Vessem, mei 2019
foto: Ben van Veelen