Strijps Kamerkoor March 2019

About the Strijps Kamerkoor

We are a choir in motion. We consider ourselves to be a sparkling choir that appreciates a good challenge. Of course we are passionate about singing, so we constantly work on our quality in several ways. Besides the weekly rehearsals we also have separate monthly rehearsals for our sopranos, altos, tenors and basses and we are trained by a professional vocal coach on a regular basis. Once a year we have a choir workshop weekend. By collaborating with other cultural disciplines and organisations we are always looking to expand our musical horizon.

Each wednesday night we come together under the baton of maestro Wilko Brouwers to work on the music we love, which is mostly a capella music. Practising and studying the parts is mainly done at home. And -as stated above- once a month each vocal group (s-a-t-b) has a separate group rehearsal, to work on vocal blending and thus improve the choir sound as a whole. The choir is trained by vocal coach and renowned soloist Marjon Strijk, who also sings with the Nederlands Kamerkoor and the Quink Vocal Ensemble. We appreciate and stimulate any personal efforts to improve the vocal qualities of our singers. (Many of our singers have regular singing lessons).

Singing in a choir is team work in optima forma. This requires that each member prepares and attends our weekly rehearsals. Once a year each member is invited for a personal evaluation with the conductor and a board member. This is the perfect opportunity to determine where we stand and how we can improve. Many of our members have one or more extra tasks in our choir organisation, depending on their own qualities and preferences. And to finish things off: once each year we have a great choir weekend (see also our Activities page)that we use to work on all sorts of repertoire highlights in a relaxed atmosphere. There's even time for a personal performance on our 'bonte avond' or 'jolly evening program'.

In the past years the Strijps Kamerkoor has made a number of recordings, some of which you can find on our YouTube Channel and on our media page (text in Dutch).

Working together, creating beautiful music, and stimulate eachother to perform beyond what we can do on our own, that's what the Strijps Kamerkoor is about!