New members

** Our rehearsal evenings are conducted in Dutch and English!**


At this moment the Strijps Kamerkoor has vacancies for two sopranos, an alto and a tenor.

What we expect

We expect all choir members to study music on their own at home, in order for our conductor to be able to work on just the finishing touch during rehearsals. We have all kinds of studying materials (sheet music, MP3s, videos, etc.) to support the singers during this process. These can be found on a private page of our web site.


If you are interested in singing with us, you can contact our secretary Bertine Wijnands (tel. 040-2839019 or 06-83980540) or e-mail her. She will invite you to come to listen to us for one or two evenings, or even to take part and join us in singing. (Our rehearsal evenings are conducted in Dutch and English!) This will give you a good impression of what we do and how we work. If you like this, you can set a date with our conductor for a vocal test.

Vocal test

After getting to know us, you can do a vocal test with our conductor, in the presence of one of our board members. You are expected to sing a piece of your own choice and to do a number of simple vocal test pieces to determine the quality and possibillities of your voice. You will also be asked to sing a simple musical line 'a vue'. The conductor and the board member will immediately afterwards decide about the results of these tests.

Trial period

If you pass these tests positively, you will be accepted as a 'prospective member' for a period of three months. There will be a half time evaluation after a few weeks and a definite decision on your membership after these three months. This will preferably be after one of our concerts. You and the choir can than decide whether to continue your membership and become an official member of the Strijps Kamerkoor.

For more information, please contact our secretary Bertine Wijnands (tel. 040-2839019 or 06-83980540) pr e-mail her.