Vacancies: we are looking for a 1e soprano and a 2e alto

Ideally the choir would consist of: 8 sopranos, 8 altos, 6 tenors and 6 basses. 
Currently there are vacancies for a 1st soprano and a 2nd alto. 

Interested singers can send an email tosecretaris@strijpskamerkoor.nlcome along to one or two rehearsals either to just listen or join in to get an impression of what singing with the Strijp’s Chamber Choir is all about. After these introductory rehearsals an appointment can be made for the audition. During the audition, the candidate will sing a song of their choosing which they are able to prepare in advance, the candidate’s voice and musical ear will be tested, and they will be asked to demonstrate their sight singing abilities. If the audition goes well, a trial period will follow, during which an interim and final evaluation will take place. Generally a concert will mark the end of a candidates probationary period.

Are you interested in singing with the Strijp’s Chamber Choir, but there are no current vacancies? It may still be worthwhile to contact the conductor and register your interest.